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Surveillance system at the tropical aqua-park "Lights of Murmansk"


Lights of Murmansk: surveillance system at the tropical aqua-park The “Axxon Enterprise” digital security system was installed at the tropical aqua-park, “Lights of Murmansk”. The installation was executed by Axxon (former ITV) partner, Universal.

The swimming area located at the elite hotel, Lights of Murmansk, occupies about 1000 sqm and a view of Kola Bay . In perspective it planned to install a surveillance system at many hotel sites, like its restaurants, bars, halls, corridors, entertaining centers, children playing rooms, sport complex, and its parking garage. Currently, the surveillance has been realized over the aqua-park, at the grand hall and cloakroom, registration area, and swimming pool perimeter.

It is important to have permanent control over every situation at the swimming pool, because children are the main visitors of this area, and to be able to quickly react to any extraordinary events. Also it is necessary to control instructor's work and their proper reaction in case of any incidents.

The superior manager of aqua-park and chief officer of security service has access to information received from the cameras. Video archive is stored for 10 – 12 days periods. In the course of system development it is planned to create remote monitoring place for man on duty.

With the installation of “Axxon Enterprise” security system following task successfully solved:Lights of Murmansk: Axxon Enterprise security complex system at the tropical aqua-park

  • Ensuring visitor's security and their paraphernalia;
  • Protection of aqua-park property;
  • Tracking of instructor's and other staff reaction to different events;
  • Immediate reaction in case of emergency situations.

Hotel management got convenient tool for optimization staff activity; and security service got reliable instrument for ensuring visitor's comfort and safety. Among the palms, fountains, water-hills, Jacuzzi and geysers you can feel safe and get maximum pleasure from rest.

The management stated that Axxon Enterprise solution is ease-to-use. They already developed draft design of system expansion including equipping with surveillance cameras of all hotel premises.