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Kemservise installed surveillance system at the Cardio-center of Kuzbass


Surveillance system, based on Video 7 by Axxon (former ITV), the cardiological center of KuzbassA new surveillance system, based on Video 7, was installed and set in operation at the cardiological center of Kuzbass. The installation process was performed by Axxon (former ITV) regional partner, Kemservice.

The cardio-center of Kuzbass occupies a 12-story newly built building. The grand opening of the first part of the hospital was at the end of August. Six stories of the building have already been hooked-up to the Axxon Enterprise system. The remaining six stories will soon be finished.

The customer needed a solution that would allow the following:

  • Registered video at the hard drive with the possibility to review the information in a video archive
  • Backup storage of records for 6 days,
  • Realization of “effective exploitation” principle (large camera screens),
  • Comfortable interfaces,
  • Complete surveillance over the building's perimeter and corridors, waiting rooms, registry, car parking lot, diesel generator, and other expensive equipment located within the hospital,
  • Minimal frame rate and recording rate at 6 fps,
  • 24 hours a day operation, and
  • Audible identification upon alarm events.

All of the customer requirements were fulfilled in the installation. The installation of the 16-channel system Video-7, including 14 cameras, was completed by August. In October-November the system was upgraded to 24 channels and 8 more cameras were connected.

The system was realized on the base of a new uniprocessor PC and two LSD panels with a frame rate of 6 fps.

Surveillance system, based on Video 7 by Axxon (former ITV), the cardiological center of Kuzbass System includes 10 indoor white-and-black standard resolution cameras by Mintron and 10 outdoor white-and-black standard resolution AVC-211cameras. Two more white-and-black high-resolution cameras by Mintron used for surveillance over the expensive equipment.

The reasons they chose the “Video 7” system were because of its reliability, effective interface, intuitive settings, as well as high-level Axxon (former ITV) technical support. The installed surveillance system completely satisfied all of the customer's requirements and will serve as a reliable security measure for the Cardio-center of Kuzbass.