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Security system at the Bank of Russia’s Saint-Petersburg branch


Axxon Enterprise security system at the Bank of Russia’s Saint-Petersburg branch A new surveillance system based on Axxon (former ITV) “Axxon Enterprise” software has been installed at the Bank of Russia's Saint-Petersburg branch. The preparation and installation process was executed by “Automatica. Security. Signaling”, in cooperation with Axxon (former ITV) technological partner in North-West area, “TIM Company”.

Prior to the installation, the modern five-story bank had an old analogue surveillance system (multiplexors and Time-Lapse special purposed recorders) that did not execute all of the needed banking security tasks. Because of this, the banking administrative staff decided it was time to upgrade their existing system.

The Axxon Enterprise software complex serves as a core for the new security system. It was chosen because of its wide technical features and flexible use. The open architecture allows it to connect to multipurpose equipment and its remote control. The technologically advanced Axxon Enterprise system allows a tremendous amount of important criteria to be selected and enables high-quality video compression via the Motion Wavelet algorithm.

The entire security system consists of 90 white-and-black cameras installed inside and outside the building near all entrances, exits, halls, cash zones, offices and adjacent territories. The latest version of the Axxon Enterprise software (4.6.1.) was installed in and around the object.

The installed solution successfully enables bank security to:

  • Control visitors' actions and their security,
  • Protect the bank's property,
  • Control all corridors and offices,
  • Control staff and security service activities 24/7, and
  • Keep order and have the ability to promptly investigate various situations at any given time.

All events taking place in the camera's field of vision is fixed and saved in an archive for more than 12 months, allowing the administration to get a full picture of the situation in the bank. In case of controversial or incidental cases, prompt access to the video archive enables the bank administration and security service personnel to efficiently make decisions and eliminate problems quickly.

The implementation of the new security has, in affect, raised the professionalism and ethics of employers and their work, and has enlarged the security level within and around the bank.