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Installation: 7-Eleven Store, Santa Clara, CA


Axxon video management software helps to make retail security at 7-Eleven store more effective.

Recently a popular 7-Eleven store located in Santa Clara, CA was equipped with an integrated Video7 video management software by Axxon (former ITV). This particular convenience store is located at the crossroads of highways connecting Silicon Valley with the rest of the Bay Area region. The project was carried out by the installation team of Axxon partner Snow Owl, Inc. of San Francisco.

Prior to installation, the store had a number of issues facing its managers - high employee turnover, inventory shortages, and poor employee balancing. Today, 7-Eleven is the largest chain of convenience stores with over 27,000 stores worldwide. The fact that it is a 24-hour operation made it even more difficult to continuously control operations day and night. The store needed a video system that would help keep track of daily business activity, and allow managers to be more effective. The old CCTV system consisting of a single video camera facing the door for security purposes and recording to an old VCR was simply not enough.

Video7 video management software by Axxon, with remote monitoring and register interfacing features, was recommended for the task. Four cameras positioned in the store aisles, point-of-sale areas and the manager's office have provided complete coverage of the business. However several important characteristics specific to Video7 played an especially important role in the success of this project:

  • Digital motion detection allowed the managers to save lots of time by not having to watch unnecessary video and instead focus on important footage especially during night hours of operation
  • NCR registers were interfaced with Video7 to link all sales records to an easy-to-use video search engine that now helps managers resolve operational errors, prevent fraud and perform auditing
  • Remote monitoring feature allowed managers to save even more time by not having to be at the store and still get a clear understanding of customer service, workplace discipline and even sales

According to client the system has exceeded their expectations and become one of most effective managerial tools. It definitely had a positive impact on the store's operations and added value to their business as a whole.

7-Eleven is a trademark or registered trademark of 7-Eleven Corporation in the US and/or other countries.