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MIAN, a Moscow realty agency, integrates the “Axxon Enterprise” complex


MIAN, a Moscow realty agency, integrates the "Axxon Enterprise" complex “SVS-Proect” has successfully completed the installation of Axxon (former ITV) Axxon Enterprise security complex at one of the largest Moscow business-center buildings of MIAN.

Moscow realty agency, MIAN, provides a wide range of residential and commercial real estate deals. One of the company's topical activities is renting business centers and office space. Prior to installing the Axxon Enterprise system, the administration wanted to connect and unite all of MIAN's commercial estates into one security complex. That is why Axxon Enterprise solution was selected for the project.

The surveillance system of another manufacturer previously used at the Moscow MIAN agency showed its frailty and poor data quality.

SVS-Proect specialists demounted old white-and-black cameras and installed new Panasonic color surveillance cameras. Access control previously used at the building was successfully integrated to the new digital “Axxon Enterprise” system.

The security system designed for 16 cameras has two remote operating places, one of which is located at the head office of the MIAN agency. The building's perimeters, entrances, and corridors on each floor are covered by the new security system. The new system stably operates, without any complaints from the customer.

Thanks for the installed “Axxon Enterprise” system the following tasks have been successfully solved at the business-center:

  • Rise of the overall security at the building,
  • Secure of renter properties, and
  • Control over staff discipline.

The agency administration took the opportunity to remotely monitor over every situation in the building. Chief personnel do not have to come to the object now in order to control a situation or make a decision. The security service employees now have a flexible instrument of which they oversee over 500 people, and protect against lawbreakers and irresponsible or dishonest staff.