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Installation of the ATM video control solution in Saint-Petersburg


Installation of the ATM video control solution in Saint-Petersburg One of the banks of Saint-Petersburg has chosen “ATM-Intellect” to protect its cash machines. The installation process was executed by NIENSCHANZ, an Axxon (former ITV) partner in the Saint-Petersburg region. The installation was the first to be carried out by NIENSCHANZ. A major portion of the installation was done during October 2005.

The key tasks of the realized project was to improve the security level of the ATM network and to promptly react and notify bank security services in case of alarming events. The customer wanted to equip a number of ATM machines located in the underground and city trade establishments with the security and surveillance system, as well as set up a remote technical monitoring center. ATM-Intellect and special software developed by the Banking Information Technologies, LLC – “BIT” were recommended for the task. The features within the system prevent the bank from financial losses and decreases fraud and vandalism.

A surveillance system was installed at some of the ATMs before, but it demanded considerable time and labor expenses to control it. Therefore, a decision was made to install an up-to-date complex having distributed network capabilities enabling the system to expand in perspective.

At the current stage, the system includes more than 30 specialized video servers with two cameras pointed at each ATM, and a remote workplace at the specialized remote technical monitoring center. In case of an alarming situation or query video sequence a set of images is transferred to the center.

Roman LAxxon (former ITV)inov, the senior manager of NIENSCHANZ LLC, said that “particularity and complexity of the installation was tiered with the ATM's locations within crowded places. We needed to install new equipment in a compact, accurate, and safe way.” Moreover, the system was produced by various manufacturers, and thus having different software the ATMs needed an individual approach. Special attention was given to the choice of hard drives used in system and ventilation elements.

The bank security service mentioned that ATM-Intellect easily interacts with the system for all users and system effectiveness. Thanks to the newly installed system a number of vandalism actions were prevented. In addition, the bank's client's questions and claims are researched more quickly and accompanied by document confirmation. It is planned to expand the system coverage.