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Security system ensures safety of the ore mining and processing plant


Security system ensures safety of the ore mining and processing plant, Karelian PelletsKarelian Pellets, the largest recycling plant of ferriferous quartzite in the northwest of Russia , was equipped with the Intellect integrated security system. The installation was performed NIENSCHANZ's installation team.

Previous to the installation, the plant was partially equipped with an analog surveillance system that only provided real-time surveillance. Thanks to the system's functional characteristics, integrated architecture enabling new equipment to be integrated for future system expansion, the Intellect security solution was chosen for the realization of the project.

Now installed, the “Intellect” security system includes 1 video server and 5 cameras for outdoor surveillance, providing control and registration of transport flow at the plant's check points. “Auto-Intellect”, an intelligent transport system that provides car license plate recognition, operating on the two video servers, was also installed at Karelian Pellets. A video image of each passing vehicle, license plate number, date and registration time is stored in the database.

The installation process proved to be more difficult than expected because of a few specific factors. First of all, the object occupies enormous territories: one of the video control points is 2kilometers from the duty center. Setting up stable video information transfer demanded special solutions.

Second, it was necessary to take into account the extremely low temperatures during the winter period. The cameras and server needed to be protected from the cold. Hard frosts that could damage the installed equipment are common in the region.

According to security specialists' opinion, the implementation of the video registration system at the area of moving via checking points reduced thefts of constructional and combustive-lubricating materials. In addition, the video information received from the cameras could be helpful for investigations in case of suspected fraudulent activities.

After the security system and the car license plate recognition module are united, statistic reports will become automated. That could be useful not only for the plant's security services, but for the economic department, as well.