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Snow-melting points at Moscow are under control


Snow-melting points at Moscow are under control
Snow-melting points of Moscow now use Video7 for ensuring its security. The installation was carried out by United TeleCom, Ltd.

Moscow, like any other metropolis, faces problems of cleaning streets and pavements surface from snow and ice. Until recent times, snow collected from the streets of Moscow was dropped to the Moskva and Yauza rivers that crucially affected ecological situations of those rivers and near-shore zones. But now special snow-melting points located all over the Moscow city manages with the problem.

However, Russian winters carry so much precipitation to Moscow that hundreds of trucks hardly manage with the snow and ice. Trucks form long lines near snow-melting points. In order to draw up a rational plan to control the situation and keep vehicles moving at snow-melting points, they decided to install a modern surveillance system.

On the threshold of the snowfalls “Mosvodokanal” has announced open competition for realization the installation the automated surveillance system over the conditions and functioning state at 26 snow-melting points of Moscow . After a thorough inspect Video 7 by Axxon (former ITV) and United TeleCom company were chosen for the project.

Major aim of the surveillance system is monitoring over truck lines near the snow-melting points and convenient control over trucks. Having real-time picture, dispatcher appraise situation at the snow-melting point and according to the utilized capacity directs trucks to various routes. That allow to cut expenses on combustive-lubricating materials and idle time, as well as speed up snow utilization process.

United TeleCom specialists finished assembling and starting-up works and set system into operation.

For the system contracture were used the following:

  • Professional all-weather cameras ensuring high-quality image transfer at both day and night;
  • Wireless data-transfer channels from the snow-melting points to control point;
  • Specialized local servers;
  • Specially developped “client-server” type software;
  • Specially developped software for the control points.

Video surveillance system united 68 cameras in a single network. Information from cameras is transferred to the control point of “Mosvodokanal” and control point of Housing maintenance and utilities department and provision of urban amenities. Thanks to incoming video information operators provide real-time round the clock control over the snow-melting points, immediately react to existing situations and take reasonable actions.

Snow-melting points at Moscow are under control
Snow-melting points at Moscow are under control
Snow-melting points at Moscow are under control
Snow-melting points at Moscow are under control