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Fantaon Telecom has equipped Sea Fishing Port of Saint Petersburg with the video surveillance system


Fantaon Telecom has equipped Sea Fishing Port of Saint Petersburg with the video surveillance system

Even those who have never been at a port know that it is a huge, complicated and dynamical structure. In order to provide full control over such complex state-of-the-art security solutions are required. That's exactly the task that the Axxon (former ITV) Axxon Enterprise system is able to solve.

Team of Fantaon Telecom specialists - the partner of our company- accomplished the special project providing maximum security coverage for “Sea fishing port” located in Saint Petersburg. Sea Fishing Port of Saint Petersburg is a huge complex that includes large water zone, 6 docks of total 660 meters length, 10 port's cranes of total capacity of 6 tones, refrigerator with total capacity 3000 tones, powerful transportation base and container facilities. Until the recent times, security system at the port included 4 cameras that transferred video data to the software-hardware radiation control system. The port management faced great necessity of arranging real-time control over the key processes taking place at the port: loading and unloading works at the docks, works at the refrigerator, operation of the transport and per so nnel check points. Recognition of the railway and car license plates, container numbers and cargo characteristics were crucially important for the port.

Within the project, the Fantaon experts decided to build a new security system on the base of existing one. The new equipment, such as 6 color PTZ cameras and 2 black-and-white stationary cameras, as well as Axxon Enterprise so ftware (Intelligent cores, remote control) upgraded and complemented the port security system.

Major difficulties were concerned with the necessity of the detailed works at the controlled objects from the distances of 200-300 meters and video data long-distance transmission in conditions of high level of industrial and other noises. First task was successfully resolved by installation on Baxall CDSP9313 cameras 16x lens with maximal focus length of 160mm that provided minimal view angle of 1.7 degree across. Second task was successfully so lved by transmission of video data via unshielded twisted-pair cable (UTP) of fifth category and thorough setting of video transmitters using oscilloscope. The installation experts did not encountered any problems with the Axxon (former ITV) so ftware installation and further operation. Besides, integration of the “Axxon Enterprise” software with Videotec DTRMX allowed control over VPT-40/230V PTZ devices. At the refrigerator facilities were installed BHV400 sensitive black-and-white cameras.

Now, using the Axxon (former ITV) security so lution the port security system is able to work out the following tasks:

  • License plates and wagon plates recognition and DB storage of received data;
  • Video surveillance over customs zones, recording of all loading and unloading works and cargo characteristics;
  • Video surveillance over port territories and immediate reaction of the security services to emergency situations.

The port management and security per so nnel were highly pleased and satisfied with the quality of the new system and mentioned that system has intuitive interface and it is easy to use for all levels of users. Results of the 3-months period test exploitation showed high reliability and fault-tolerance of the installed equipment and “Axxon Enterprise” so ftware. For the future plans, the port management would like to expand the video surveillance system to protect all the port territories and organize video data transmission to the Baltic customs Analytic center.

According to Polaykov Vasiliy, Head of the technical department of Fantaon, they decided to choose “Axxon Enterprise” security solution due to the large experience of work with Axxon (former ITV) and its products. Fantaon Telecom has been official Axxon (former ITV) partner since 2004 year.

Fantaon Company was founded in 1988 year. Since then, the company has proved itself as a team of specialists in the security field. Major company activities are supplies of the equipment for security needs, design, installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems, access control and intrusion alarm at any kind of object: from per so nal audio and video home intercom systems up to installation of integrated security systems at large industrial objects.

Due to the business restructure department of Security systems formed separate structure “Alfa I.S.” that belongs to the Fantaon group from the 01/01/2006.

Sea Fishing Port of Saint Petersburg terminal
Sea Fishing Port of Saint Petersburg terminal
Sea Fishing Port of Saint Petersburg terminal
Sea Fishing Port of Saint Petersburg water zone