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The Axxon Enterprise system securing “Okean” shopping center


SVS Proekt, one of the leading Axxon (former ITV) installers, has equipped “Okean” shopping center located in Zhukovsky (town near Moscow ) with the “Axxon Enterprise” security system.

“Okean” shopping center was opened not long time ago. The “Okean” management, who know SVS Proekt from previous experience, took a decision to install “Axxon Enterprise” security surveillance system. Installation works continued several months due to the delays in construction works and were finished in the beginning of 2006.

The 4-storey shopping center accommodates “SPAR” supermarket, toy store, boutiques, beauty shops, florist's and cafes.

The primary goal of the installed system was to provide round-the-clock video surveillance over shopping center and high level of control for the store security.

Cameras installed across the shopping center provide video surveillance over:
  • building perimeter,
  • service entrances and exits,
  • halls,
  • stair flights,
  • entryways at 2 and 3 floors with the sight of the first floor,
  • corridors and aisles between shops,
  • area in front of café,
  • exit to the roof,
  • car parking lot
  • additional entrance to the shop and a adjacent parking lot,
  • loading and unloading area,
  • room for conditioners (for monitoring over cases of possible thefts).

The entire solution enabled video surveillance in the shopping center on a 24 hour, 7 days-a-week basis. Video received from cameras is transferred to the central monitoring centre and stored for 2 week period. For further increase of the system effectiveness, more detailed view of the guarded area and even opportunity to clearly see persons' faces, “Okean” management plans to increase quantity of surveillance cameras in future.

As a result of the carried works Customer got stably operating video surveillance system that allowed security service to react quickly to emergency and nonordinary situations. In case they need to conduct investigation on some incident happened in the past, they can easily and directly retrieve and playback picture or video in relation to time, date or camera.

“Installation of the system demanded great labour and time spendings for performing cabling works at a huge territories of the object,” said Alim Sizov, head of the SVS Proekt company. “In addition, there were specific difficulties at the supermarkets and shopping centers facilities, where system installation is planned at the stage of project design and carried out simultaneously with construction works. Those difficulties lie in the fact that initially planned quantity of cameras and its locations can undergo considerable changes according customer requirements, that may demand re-planning and re-installation works. During the installation all such changes were fulfilled completely at the highest level.”

During the first weeks of the “Axxon Enterprise” system operation security service and shopping center management discovered number of thefts and fraud incidents.