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Magnitogorsk shoe factory is under the secure protection


МMagnitogorsk shoe factory is under the secure protectionMagnitogorsk shoe factory know for its “FOMA” trade mark has deployed new security system. All installation works were performed by the Axxon (former ITV) partner Special Security Agency.

Installation and adjusting works were carried out during several months – since May 2005 till February 2006. The “Axxon Enterprise” security solution installed at the object allows factory administration to protect and manage huge complex that occupies more than 25.000 sqm. At present system guards factory facilities, three large shops and several independent enterprises located here. Factory was equipped with the “Orion” fire alarm by Bolid and video surveillance system that deploys 24 cameras based on Matrix video server.

Three remote workplaces allowed to control and manage system remotely. Presence of several organizations at the guarded area and access control considerably raise importance and responsibility of the entire video surveillance system. By deploying Axxon Enterprise system operators and management group were able to boost security and take care about the following security tasks:

  • day and night video surveillance allowing first responders to react immediately to emergency situations,
  • control over transport and visitors flows,
  • production control,
  • officials' increased safety.

At present surveillance system covers major perimeter territories, check points and internal premises. In future it is planned to expand system coverage to all manufacturing facilities, parking lot and also to remote areas where building of a new shopping center is planned.

Due to the factory huge area and distributed structure VideioCad_Map module was integrated to the security system. Module schematically shows all facilities accommodated at the 4-storey building and gives opportunity to zoom-in displayed objects.

Project needed accurate integration of “Orion” access control and VideoCad_Map modules into the uniform Axxon Enterprise complex that make all components work together. The task was successfully fulfilled owing to Axxon (former ITV) tech support while realization specific interfaces' adjustment and operating modes. Besides, it is not the first installation carried out by Special Security Agency at such objects. Company has leading positions in Magnitogorsk on installation of any scale security systems – from private houses to industrial and finance objects.

The installed system has not only satisfied security service, but also the management group. According to Voloshok V., Factory Director, the installation has huge success and opened up new opportunities. Melnichuk V., Security Service Manager, noticed high system superior reliability and effectiveness. In addition, he expressed his willing to expand the system to further increase efficiency. The Axxon (former ITV) solution was selected for the project because of the management' constant interest given to high-tech and also recommendations given by Special Security Agency specialists.