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Security system of “Igromax” entertaining centers


Security system of “Igromax” entertaining centersTwo entertaining centers of “Igromax” family were equipped with the Intellect integrated security and video surveillance complex and POS-Intellect – video control of point-of-sales transactions system recently. The project was carried out by the installation team of Axxon (former ITV) partner Center-ST (Videoglaz), of Moscow.

“Igromax” is a new Russian brand uniting network of family entertaining centers which offer complex of entertaining services oriented at organizing family rest in Moscow and country. Company has its branches in Moscow , St.-Petersburg, Kazan and Voronezh.

Management was looking for a solution that would allow to fulfill the following security tasks:

  • Quality assurance of personnel work and prevention of mistakes;
  • prompt settlement of conflict situation;
  • clients' safety.

Installed security system covers entertaining centers located in Moscow and Kazan and it is planned to expand the system coverage to other entertaining centers of “Igromax” chain.

Video flows from cameras installed at both centers (at slot halls, office facilities, bars) are transferred to the centralized control centre located at Moscow head office. In total, Center-ST installed 64 cameras at various locations of both centers.

Every cash register was equipped with the POS-Intellect module integrated with R-Keeper software system. That technical solution allowed to prevent losses and mistakes at POS terminals, and enabled management remotely discover frauds and thefts committed by employees.

The solution showed itself as a necessary and important component of such complicated business like entertainments sphere. With the Intellect capabilities senior management group can remotely control objects at different locations and current business-processes there.