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POS-Intellect and Tillypad at the GRAND CINEMA multiplex cinema chain


POS-Intellect and Tillypad at the GRAND CINEMA multiplex cinema chainLogic Systems has integrated POS-Intellect with Tillypad - POS and management system for leisure and service industries, and carried out its installation at the Grand Cinema multiplex cinema chain.

February 9, 2006 - Grand Cinema, new multiplex of “Suvar” cinema chain, celebrated its grand opening. Ceremony took place at the “Suvar-Plaza” shopping centre, Kazan . Huge areas occupied by Grand Cinema multiplex can accommodate more than thousand people simultaneously. First in Russia , organizers used 4D format equipment. It creates a dimensional image by wearing polarized glasses, and full effect is reached by means of special effects built in the armchairs.

The following list details works performed by Logic Systems for the project: designing and installation of the structured cable network, automation of ticket booking facilities by means of “Ticket Soft” solution, automation of bars on the base of Tillypad software and hardware complex, application of the Intellect software complex for video control over point-of-sales transactions and Tillypad and POS-Intellect integration.

In total, 9 POS terminals are installed at the four bars of the complex. Due to the Tillypad and POS-Intellect integration video image is synchronized with sales receipt data allowing to control all operations taking place at POS terminal zone and match video footage at the time of sale with the point-of-sale journal.

Tillypad and POS-Intellect integration was realized at the network data transmition level. With help of POS-Intellect it was possible to realize a system that transfers additional service data, not printed on the bill. That information allowed management to trace mistakes and suspicious cashier's operations, and completely prevent all fraudulent operations at point-of-sales zones.