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24-hour Self Service branch of the Provident Bank under the “ATM-Intellect” protection


24-hour Self Service branch of the Provident Bank under the “ATM-Intellect” protection

In 70th years of the last century an unusual self-service shops has appeared in Saint-Petersburg. Now it won't surprise anyone, and there are even those who think it was always so. But Self Service Bank was a novelty. It happened on February, 15th, 2006 in the Central branch of the Provident Bank of Russia when suddenly all staff and attendants has left one of the rooms leaving it open for visitors and giving them free independent access to all operations of the branch. This nonordinary event has marked beginning of a new technological era of development bank establishments - an era of automatic bank complexes.

Creation of the first 24-hour Self Service has finished long-term work of the Banking Information Technologies LLC team on promotion of new client servicing concept of Provident Bank. BIT company has performed entire complex of works including system design, selection and adjustment of equipment, installation of the security system.

Convenient and efficient office of the Provident Bank accommodates 4 self service bank terminals, directory inquiry service and a Sbercart terminal. All equipment operates on 24 hours-a-day basis in automatic mode.

From checking your account balances to paying your bills, Self Service terminals provides residents with everything they need to manage their day-to-day banking. For withdrawing cash that is shown to be most demanded operation three ATM machines installed there. In addition, it provides opportunities of exchange (conversion from US Dollars and Euro to Russian roubles), making deposit to the bank account, payment of telecommunication and municipal services bills (by bank card or cash), credits' services, transfer funds from one bank card to another and many others.

Unique complex allows clients to avoid standing in a line; its areas and installed equipment allow to serve up to 150 people per one hour. Special large-format monitor installed at the hall displays various helpful information on new services provided by the Northwest Provident Bank, bank services contact information, etc.

While security center of the Northwest Provident Bank takes strong measures to ensure the security of client financial transactions and the confidentiality of the information. Video surveillance system provides clear viewing of the event taking place at the Self Service Office. 8 cameras installed in the strategic points of the office carry out round-the-clock video surveillance. Video flows are transferred to the remote control center. In case of emergency situations or by request system will transfer necessary video images to the operator. Security system is based on the “ATM-Intellect”, BIT and Axxon (former ITV) joint development, winner of the ZUBR-2006 National Security Award. Owing to unique “ATM-Intellect” features system not only provides necessary security functions, but it is also integrated completely with the overall bank security system.

Provident Bank innovation program envisages creation of Self Service offices at all areas of the city.