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Axxon Enterprise security complex at “Dorogomilovo” hypermarket


Axxon Enterprise security complex at "Dorogomilovo" hypermarketRecently Moscow “Dorogomilovo” hypermarket was equipped with the Axxon Enterprise integrated security system. The project was carried out by the installation team of Axxon (former ITV) partner Onix.

Previously installed video surveillance system of other manufacturer has not provided sufficient functionality or image quality of video recording. It was decided to replace existing surveillance system with a modern security complex that fulfill major requirements of the hypermarket administrators.

Axxon Enterprise was chosen to upgrade the security system up to date for its high quality of video recording, opportunity to display video footage from all installed cameras on a single computer with no loss in image quality and speed, qualitative transfer of video footage via local network.

Old surveillance equipment was replaced by a new one. New high resolution cameras installed at the different locations of the hypermarket provide around-the-clock video surveillance of building perimeter, entrances and exits, shopping halls (point-of-sale terminals area, luggage room, subsidiary premises, internal corridors and aisles).

According Onix specialists, installation was performed successfully; hypermarket layout practically doesn't remain any “blind place”. Total, 40 black-and-white cameras are deployed in the project; video footage is transferred to a remote monitoring workplace of the security chief. It is planned to create 2-3 additional remote monitoring workplaces in future. Video footage stored in the video archive for 1 month.

One of the distinctive features of the installed system is a recording upon activation of motion detector at certain time (at night or days off) and operator audible notification (containing information about the camera triggered). In other words, motion detector will immediately fix any unauthorized intrusion at night or day off and will send notification message to operator.

By Onix request Axxon (former ITV) specialist have created a special script before implementing function at the object. They used special-purpose scripting language to specify a set of actions to follow specified set of events.

For further convenience of the operator, there was realized a function that allow to change set of cameras displayed at the monitor. If necessary, user having corresponding access control rules can restore definite configuration of displayed cameras by changing number of the interface-monitor. For instance, interface-monitor #1 display video footage from POS terminal zones, interface-monitor #2 – from subsidiary premises, etc. Such function is very popular at the objects with plenty of cameras installed. Axxon Enterprise is capable to support any number of such interface-monitors.

Implemented surveillance system provided customer with a new security solution that ensure successful business of the hypermarket. Hypermarket administrators were completely satisfied with the installed system and highly value Axxon Enterprise features and capabilities.