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Kotelok restaurant uses Axxon Enterprise for its security


Kotelok restaurant uses Axxon Enterprise for its security

Center-ST (Videoglaz) has finished installation works on equipping new Kotelok restaurant in Moscow with the security system on the Intellect basis.

Restaurant, located near Shelkovskaya subway station in Moscow, was the first of that new chain. The newly 3-storey building includes slot-casino, comfortable restaurant and fast food restaurant located at 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors accordingly.

Administration wanted to deploy a solution that would allow to control POS transactions, track cash streams, reduce shrinkage and also to help avoid misunderstanding at POS terminals. Therefore restaurant has invited Center-ST specialist to install surveillance and security system at 9 POS terminals at 3 floors of the complex.

Kotelok selected POS-Intellect integrated with R-Keeper POS system for the task. Now POS terminals send all transaction data to the POS-Intellect video server that triggers video recording and stores the transactional ID in to the system database. This allows tracking of fraudulent actions of cashier, such as cancellation, return or removal operations, and to prevent completely all attempts of theft and fraud at POS terminals.

In addition each POS terminal was equipped with the microphone which records sound synchronously with the video footage, giving management a powerful investigation tool.

Center-ST specialists installed 9 cameras, 3 of which are network. Video footage from cameras is transferred to the remote monitoring centre.

With the implemented system restaurant management received a powerful management and investigation tool and POS transactions video control. Now multitudinous restaurant visitors can be sure that all disputed situations here will be resolved and justice will triumph.