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Axxon Enterpriseual access system at Segezha pulp and paper plant


Axxon Enterpriseual access system at Segezha pulp and paper plant

Segezha pulp and paper plant has implemented access control system on the Axxon Enterprise basis. Installation and setup works were carried out by installation team of Nezavisimost company, Axxon (former ITV) partner of Petrozavodsk.

Segezha pulp and paper plant located in Segezha, large industrial center in Kareliya , Russia , is one of the major domestic enterprises of the pulp-and-paper industry. It occupies huge territories, and its staff counts thousands of persons. Obvious that questions of access control plays an important role here. Management needed a sophisticated access system that would allow to track and manage employee's and visitor's traffic at workshops and other plant facilities.

For that task Nezavisimost and Axxon (former ITV) team developed access control software that keeps records of employees and visitors and issue multi-level access cards. System stores employee's photos, personal information, access level and visit restrictions in the database.

Axxon Enterpriseual access system at Segezha pulp and paper plantAccording Nezavisimost specialist's installation was successful due to the Axxon Enterprise wide opportunities and highly qualified operation of their installation team.

As Segezha pulp and paper plant management group said implemented access control system has become a first step for creation a complex security system at the plant. In future they want to expand the system to provide employee's work time calculation. Management group also plan of equipping plant with the video surveillance system and uniting it with the existing access system.