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Point-of-sales transaction video control at Kraina hypermarket


Point-of-sales transaction video control at Kraina hypermarketSystema Inc., Axxon (former ITV) partner at Ukraine, has performed installation of POS-Intellect point-of-sales transactions video control system at Kraina hypermarket in Kiev.

Currently Kraina hypermarket has a total of 40 POS terminals and in future its quantity will be increased. In order to reduce losses and increase quality of services store management decided to install a surveillance solution that will give them new level of security and control of cashier's activity.

Customer needed a solution that would allow to control all events taking place at POS terminals including checking the legacy of transactions with credit and discount cards, cash thefts under the disguise of receiving of chance, alteration of a sales receipt data in favor of a cashier, illegal discount transactions.

POS-Intellect was selected for the task due to its capabilities of lessening and prevention unsanctioned or fraudulent actions on the part of cashier. As experts responsible for installation works say Intellect raises image of the vendor and helps to battle with shrinkage incurred from external and internal theft.

Systema Inc. installation team has carried out integration of POS-Expert Linux software of cash registers installed at the hypermarket with the Intellect software, enabling customer to use a local network interconnecting the POS terminals, for transferring entire information upon actions taking place at each POS location to the operator. That allowed to avoid usage of additional equipment and get rid of extra cabling between cashier's workplaces.

Each POS terminal equipped with the high resolution color camera strategically positioned nearby. Security system includes 3 Intellect servers, each responsible for taking control and collecting evidence of 14 cash terminals. Installed servers are incorporated into a single system, to help simplify work of operator.

With the maximum resolution and continuous recording, video footage can be archived for 10 days. Store management have instant access to the recordings and able to review archived data to enlighten any dubious event at the hypermarket. According to customer requirements there was realized individual query system or smart search, that gives opportunity to make fast and intelligent search by any piece of information printed on receipt or displayed on the screen of point-of-sale device.

Currently system is completely functional and operates on 24-hour-a-day basis providing customer all benefits of video surveillance and point-of-sales transaction control system. Since implementation of POS-Intellect, Kraina owners mentioned considerable increase in management effectiveness achieved by watching every step employees do and making them better serve needs of a customer.