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Murmansk supermarket deploys security system


Murmansk supermarket deploys security system

“Center of High Technologies “Universal” carries on with successful installations of Axxon (former ITV) advanced technologies at the northwest area of Russian Federation. The Zarya, Murmansk largest supermarket, was equipped with an integrated Intellect security system and POS-Intellect - point-of-sales transactions video control by Axxon (former ITV).

This 1000 sq m trade store with more than 130 persons of shop staff needed a solution that would meet the following customer requirements:

  • Real-time video surveillance over trade floor allowing managers to track their staff and customers activity
  • Synchronization of the video footage of the POS terminal zone with sales receipt data
  • Recording dialogues taking place between cashiers and customers
  • Keep track of daily activity of the department producing half-finished products (meat, salads and bakery)
  • Control movement of products from the receipt and warehouse zones to trade floor

Implemented security complex consist of three video servers supported by 4 monitors:

  • One video server support 2 monitors that display video footage streamed from 18 cameras positioned at the trade floor.
  • Second video server supports monitor with the 9 cameras displayed on it. One of the cameras fix each person entering the store. Other 8 keep track of activity taking place at the POS terminals. Total of 8 microphones installed at the POS terminal zone provide synchronization of the video image with the dialogues between cashiers and customers. Such measure sufficiently increase discipline at the places and makes staff to better serve visitors, as well as gives management flexibility in analysis of conflict or controversial situations.
  • Third video server stream video footage from the 3 color and 4 black-and-white cameras providing video surveillance over building perimeter, office and warehouse facilities.

Cameras positioned at the building perimeter provide real-time control over adjacent territories and car packing lot.

Now total of 47 cameras are installed at the building, but store management plan to install 13 more. Video footage is stored at the archive for one week period, but in future storage period will be enlarged also. Success of the installation has already triggered a plan to install access control system integrated with the Intellect software.

Operator of the security system keeps real-time control over daily activity at the store and promptly responds to any alarm signals. Implementation of the security system at the Zarya supermarket definitely improved management effectiveness by giving them instant access to the stored video footage and clear view of their staff activity and workplace discipline. This also helped to cut down losses caused by fraudulent activity of a cashier at POS terminal.

POS-Intellect had to be integrated with the Set Retail 5.0. POS terminal software. To do that Axxon (former ITV) has carried negotiations with Set Retail developers and reached their agreement to do such integration. At the shortest time Axxon (former ITV) programmers created necessary modules. “Center of High Technologies “Universal” team has expressed their gratitude to Vyacheslav Bratishev and Evgenia Ostrovaskaya, Axxon (former ITV) specialists, for their assistance and prompt help with the project.

According to client the system has exceeded all their expectations and has proven to be a powerful security tool. Intuitive and easy-to-use system interface let the security service operators easily work with the complex with having only a brief instruction once.