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AxxonSoft Took Part in the All-over-IP Forum


On November 18 in Moscow, the 3rd International All-over-IP business forum took place. In the course of the forum, the AxxonSoft Company conducted a seminar and six presentations on the company’s products and new technologies. Also in association with AxxonSoft, there was an autograph session and seminar with Vlado Damjanovski, author of the book CCTV. The Video Surveillance Bible. Digital and Network Technologies. The seminar was devoted to the method Vlado has developed for evaluating video image quality in any segment of a digital or analog video surveillance system.

At the All-over-IP forum, everyone who was interested had the chance to talk face to face with the author of the method and ask him questions.

Vlado himself expressed his thanks to the organizers of the forum and his visit, having evaluated the level of the event highly. "I am more than happy with my visit to Moscow; I really did not expect so many visitors. Certainly I was very happy with my presentation and the number of people who attended it. I was most impressed with people's attendance, and also their questions, despite the language barrier. This gives me very good feedback, and I will take it back to Australia with great pride. For me, this was an extremely successful visit with a lot of nice memories that I will cherish. I think All-over-IP exceeded my expectation as a show and a platform for exchange of information and a place to see new and interesting things," said Vlado Damjanovski.

All-over-IP is a business forum in the field of IP technology, video surveillance, and security, aimed at the maximally effective use of exhibition time and productive communication among market participants. The exhibits and events of the AxxonSoft Company, which has been a sponsor of the forum for two years, were aimed at presenting the company’s latest know-how in the field of IP technology and video surveillance. Among them are the new Axxon Smart 2.0 product, the Auto-Intellect integrated traffic safety system, version 4.8.0 of the Axxon Intellect platform, a system for situational analysis of video archive, and more. A separate booth was devoted to the integrated supply of equipment for security systems, which AxxonSoft carries out through the IPDROM platform.

All visitors to the presentation of Axxon Smart 2.0 received a DVD with a free pre-release version of the product. This fully-functional version, which has limitations only on the size of the system (1 server, 16 video channels, and 1 Tb of archive), will remain free after the release, which is planned for December 1. Axxon Smart 2.0 received a diploma from the All-over-IP forum.

"We’re very pleased that the forum maintained its business orientation and remained a platform for exchange of experience among manufacturers and for communication between manufacturers and system users," commented Dmitry Shelestov, AxxonSoft’s commercial director. "This year there were many new visitors, including representatives of large corporate clients. We’d like to express our thanks to the organizers of the forum and our wish that they may develop while keeping the good traditions which have already taken shape."

AxxonSoft Took Part in the All-over-IP Forum AxxonSoft Took Part in the All-over-IP Forum AxxonSoft Took Part in the All-over-IP Forum