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Video7 ensure safety at the OrenburgGazprom complex


Video7 ensure safety at the OrenburgGazprom complex

Informset-Plus, Axxon (former ITV) partner, has carried out installation of an integrated video surveillance system at the OrenburgGazprom complex.

OrenburgGazprom is a daughter enterprise of the Gazprom open joint-stock company – the largest gas producing company in the world. OrenburgGazprom branch is engaged in search for new sources of raw materials, exploration works, extraction, processing and transportation of gas, delivery of the finished materials to the consumers.

Video surveillance system here was installed on the base of the Video7 by Axxon (former ITV) and includes 17 outdoor surveillance cameras, one indoor camera and video server. Installed cameras, by GKB, provide video surveillance over building perimeter, control entrance and base gates, incoming railway and automobile ways, railway platform, reservoirs and entrance to the enterprise management zone.

OrenburgGazprom occupies enormous territories and has extensive perimeter. Distance between two opposite cameras is about 2.5 – 3 km . Cameras pointed along the complex perimeter are programmed to start recording upon the motion detector triggered. At the remote workplace, distanced for 200 – 1500 meters from various cameras, operator can observe video footage provided by the cameras. Staff of the security service of the OrenburgGazprom also has access to the video footage and archive.

Cameras pointed along the complex perimeter are programmed to start recording upon the motion detector triggeredVideo footage from cameras is transferred via the twisted pair with use of converters manufactured by Specvideoproect company. Transmitters, included to the set of converters, are installed in SVS26 casings, heated by means of 24V alternating voltage that ensures electric safety of the entire system.

OrenburgGazprom management plans to expand the system in future to increase quantity of the cameras and employ image-processing system by Axxon (former ITV) - car license plates recognition system, particularly.

According to management implemented solution enabled them to perform real-time video surveillance over situation at the territories of the complex, control transport flows, keep track of current events and immediately respond to the upcoming events.