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Better safe than sorry


Better safe than sorry

Better safe than sorry - this pithy saying is a real-life formula for practically all of the cash registers that we call POS systems in our daily life. Such systems synchronize video footage from the POS terminal zone with the printing transaction data.

POS abbreviation means Point Of Sale. Control over such systems is exceptionally necessary for prevention of fraudulent activity of cashiers or customers, investigation of suspicious activity and for loss prevention of the retail sector.

Those were the key reasons of deployment of video control over point-of-sales transactions system on the base of Video7 by Axxon (former ITV) at one of the shops of Paterson chain in Saint Petersburg . That project was performed by the installation team of Nezavisimost company in the end of January 2006. System includes one video server and 8 color cameras strategically installed on the each POS-site in order to provide the best view of both the buyer and cashier. Camera located near the standby POS terminal is also used for monitoring shop entrance zone. According customer requirements video archive is stored for 7 days period.

According to Sergey Leonov, Head Supervisor of Paterson chain, other shops of Paterson family were already equipped with the POS-systems of other developer. But, unfortunately, providing all expected functions those systems do not provide stable and faultless operation. That was the main reason that made us to search for another alternative POS-system that would allow shop management to expand system capabilities. Video7 was selected for the task for its long-term scalability, built-in flexibility intuitive user interface and various access levels.

And again better safe than sorry proverb is true to experience. Technical specialists of Paterson make no secret of the fact that installation of the Video7 has a test nature. They know Axxon (former ITV) name and do trust Nezavisimost, a long term Axxon (former ITV) partner, but still sure that it is better to act cautiously beforehand than to suffer afterward. Final decision to upgrade POS-system to Video7 in other shops of the Paterson chain will be made on results of this installation. Today, Paterson chain has 14 stores across Saint Petersburg , and it is planned to open 6 more. Therefore, Paterson 's management considers a perspective of creation of a distributed system allowing remote monitoring. Besides this task is a quite easy to realize in a technical way, as all shops are already connected with the fiber-optical channels.

Current silence of Paterson 's security services about the installation is understandable. It is particularly important for representatives of those services to have constructive relations with integrator-company Nezavisimost and system developer Axxon (former ITV) during this trial period. All customer questions and requests should be promptly and adequately answered.