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Cherepovets foundry and mechanical plant deploys video surveillance system


Cherepovets foundry and mechanical plant deploys video surveillance system

Installation team of Efa Ltd. has performed installation works on equipping the Cherepovets foundry and mechanical plant with the integrated Video7 system. This plant, occupying more than 9 hectares area with more than 400 employees engaged, is one of the largest manufacturers of the pipes and other metal alloy products in Russia.

Plant management needed a surveillance system that would allow remote control, as well as access control at the turnstiles, metal detectors and turnpike.

Specialists of Efa have laid fiber-optical lines, created local computer network, installed Video7 software and Kronverk access control system.

Cameras installed in various locations of the plant provide video surveillance and control over:

  • building perimeter
  • turnstiles, metal detectors and turnpike zones
  • warehouse
  • two workshops

A total of 32 surveillance cameras, 2 pan-tilt color cameras and 30 black-and-white high resolution cameras, ensure complete coverage of the plant facilities and the key phases of the manufacturing process. Plant management plans to expand the system and install 16 more cameras in 2006.

Implemented system unites video surveillance and access control systems, turnstiles, metal detectors and turnpikes into a single control and management system. System is controlled by several remote operators from the control center set up on the plant premises.

By deploying the advanced technologies such as Video7 by Axxon (former ITV), Customer got a powerful instrument of real-time video surveillance over employee's activity, plant perimeter and access control to the enterprise. Now first responders can react to the upcoming events more quickly, prevent fraudulent activity of the employees and carry out investigation using the archived video footage. Those who violate labour discipline or being in a state of intoxication at their workplaces are now under the eye of the operator.

According to client all works performed by Efa were done at the high quality level, with out any delays. In the term of installation Efa team has not stuck any problems demanding Axxon (former ITV) tech support help.

With the utilized system plant management was able to discover a fraudulent activity of plant employers who was engaged in thefts of the bronze products. Investigation of this incident together with the video footage was transferred to the police.