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Video7 improves security at Warehouse Complex for foodstuffs in Domodedovo


Video7 improves security at Warehouse Complex for foodstuffs in Domodedovo

The Kryazh Ltd., Moscow 's installer company of security and safety systems, has carried out installation works on equipping the warehouse complex for foodstuffs in Domodedovo, town near Moscow.

Fire alarm system was the only security equipment installed at the object prior to the installation. However, management of the warehouse complex was experiencing the acute need to deploy up-to-date security and video surveillance solution to intensify control over employee activity and perimeter of the industrial facilities. Management of the complex was facing the problem of daily intrusion to the territories at the farthest part of perimeter.

In addition, it was necessary to install several surveillance cameras at the industrial facilities of the complex to provide enhanced coverage of the staff activity in order to decrease employee thefts. The warehouse complex for foodstuffs chose to implement a digital video surveillance system Video7, by Axxon (former ITV).

Installation team of Kryazh has installed the system for 12 channels at the object. Currently 9 of surveillance cameras are installed arcoss the perimeter and at the strategic points at the complex. The rest 3 cameras are to be installed by the end of summer.

Cameras installed at the object stream real-time video surveillance to the operator of security service. Besides, Head of the warehouse complex has unlimited access to monitoring, archived video footage, control and system settings.

With the implemented surveillance and security solution there were stopped cases of intrusion to the complex territories. Having the real-time video footage from surveillance cameras security services could prevent every attempt of the unauthorized access to the guarded territories. In addition, implemented security solution helped to fix another source of owner losses – employee theft. One of the striking cases of such thefts was discovered when one of the employees stole products from the warehouse facilities and transferred goods to his accomplice for further distribution. Right after disclosure of that crime employee was dismissed without severance pay. Since then complex management noticed a reduction in lost stock and increased labour discipline.

The deployed solution definitely had a positive impact to the business, helped to improve labour discipline and increased overall efficiency of the company and added value to the business as a whole.