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MegaFon install Axxon Enterprise to monitor its technical centers


MegaFon install Axxon Enterprise to monitor its technical centers

Axxon (former ITV), a developer of digital technologies in the security systems field, would like to announce that Axxon (former ITV) solutions are being installed by Nienzshans, long term Axxon (former ITV) partner, to control and monitor technical centers of the MegaFon (Mobicom-Center) mobile operator. Distributed video surveillance system incorporated technical centers located in Nizgniy Novgorod, Vladimir, Ryazan, Tula, Orel, Bryansk, Kaluga. Chief system administrator located in Nizgniy Novgorod center remotely monitor, control and analyze events taking place in the system by synchronous review of video archive.

Distributed video surveillance system was build on the Axxon Enterprise security complex basis. In addition, security system was integrated with automatic fire alarm and firefighting system. There is no doubt that installation team of Nienzshans did the greatest contribution to the project. They highly valued networking capabilities of Axxon Enterprise together with its benefits of integration with the Bolid equipment. Key distinctive feature of the realized video monitoring and control network was ability to set functions of the head center to any location of the network. Chief system operator is free to move to any center of the network and continue using the system having unlimited access to monitoring, control and modification of objects by only entering his password.

Developed on the given communication channels system includes 8 G4 video servers incorporated via TCP/IP protocol. Video server process 4 real-time video channels (25 fps) in each town. By means of the Axxon Enterprise distributed digital security system operator control fire alarm system installed at the centers. Availability of the video archive gives opportunity of video footage retrieval for additional analysis or investigations.

Success of the installation has already triggered a plan to equip with the same system other centers of MegaFon network.

Nienzshans is a long-term Axxon (former ITV) partner and experienced system integrator of industrial processes automation and control solutions that has performed a great number of installation with implementing Axxon (former ITV) products and solutions.