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Face-Intellect installed at Volna billiard club


Face-Intellect installed at Volna billiard club

Volna billiard club in Kemerovo was equipped with the integrated security complex on the INTELLECT basis. All installation works were carried our by Kemservice, Axxon (former ITV) partner at the region.

Installed security complex is not limited with face recognition functions only. It is a complex security system covering 4 floors of the building with located billiards, bars, offices and warehouse facilities. In addition surveillance cameras located outdoors provide full coverage over building entrances and car parking lot. In addition to billiard club this building accommodates a number of small companies.

Customer needed a uniform system that would provide video surveillance, access control, fire and intrusion alarm and face capture and recognition within a single standard of open architecture. Kemservice installation team recommended Intellect by Axxon (former ITV) for the task. The technical policy of Kemservice company is defined by using various software modifications and a wide range of hardware components produced by leading manufacturers of the security market within the single system allowing to create complex technical solutions with the open architecture.

Key distinctive feature of the project was installation of the face capture and recognition system. System automatically scans and stores face images of every person passing the camera. The module authenticates and analyzes incoming data, renders invariant synthesis of object's image, compares received image with faces stored at database and recognizes a person. If system recognizes captured face it creates event that is sent to the operator or triggers preset specific system reaction. This reaction is not considered with video surveillance module only. Due to the Intellect integrated architecture system reaction could be performed by any subsystem of the complex (access control, notification module, etc.).

Face-Intellect, face capture and recognition module, matched all customer requirements and was chosen for the task. This product is based on the technology of biometric identification of a person by face image that is built on algorithms of recognition and comparison of images basis. Face-Intellect traditionally attracts keen interest at exhibitions, forums and presentations. The fact that such solution is more often used for anticriminal and antiterrorist tasks has implied a negative psychological contiguity on its image. But this installation will finally demonstrate that face capture and recognition systems could be used for different type of applications. Data base of Volna complex stores images of regular and honorary member of the club, business owners and staff. System will help security operators to identify debtors, disturbers and unwanted persons thus improving the security level of the complex.

Implemented security system has following characteristics:

  1. Major integration performed on INTELLECT basis;
  2. Ensuring power supply for all elements of the system;
  3. Monitoring and control over system elements using virtual graphic layouts;
  4. Video surveillance module:
    • 35 channels of video;
    • 3 video servers;
    • Frame rate - 6-8 fps;
    • Archive storage - 10 days.
  5. Access control:
    • 6 two-side card readers Poway PW-101 on the basis of NAC-51 controllers and integration module;
    • Timekeeping module that calculates working time of more 100 employees;
    • Unblocking of electromagnetic lock by schedule (free access to the building at the working hours and by card at the rest of the time).
  6. Fire and intrusion alarm module:
    • Realized on the basis of Bolid security equipment and integration module;
    • Module is integrated with access control system and will automatically unblock electromagnetic lock in case of fire for emergency evacuation.

The specificity of installation was connected with insufficient and various illumination at the object that entailed installation of high resolution cameras with manually adjusted lens at billiard halls.

According customer installed system has exceeded their expectations and improved level of security at the object.