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Installation of security system by Axxon (former ITV) at YUKOS petrol station in Voronezh


Installation of security system by Axxon (former ITV) at YUKOS petrol station in Voronezh

SVS Proekt, Axxon (former ITV) long-term partner, has announced that a YUKOS petrol station and retail outlet selling provisions for journey located in Voronezh (Russia) was equipped with an integrated digital security system by Axxon (former ITV). Installation team of SVS Proekt has installed video surveillance, audio control and point-of-sales transactions video control system on INTELLECT and POS-Intellect basis.

A total of 10 high resolution cameras positioned at the strategic locations around the petrol station and convenience store provide full coverage of the business. Two cameras located at point-of-sales zone and microphones ensure complete cash register transactions control. Cameras of the video surveillance system were positioned at the following locations:

  • one camera located at the entrance fix faces of every person passing through and store images in the base;
  • one camera was positioned near the store postern door to monitor goods unloading;
  • 4 street cameras provided full coverage of the petrol station;
  • 2 cameras were directed to fuel-filling columns to fix car license plates.

Personnel of the petrol station was notified in advance about installation of audio control at the point-of-sales zones which key task is to help personnel and management to provide high level of service at the refueling station.

POS-Intellect - point-of-sales transaction control system was integrated with Sibinteck cash registers deployed here via XML protocol. Use of XML protocol for transferring data via network allowed video server to get full information upon events taking place at cash register zone. The protocol enables to process large volumes of data generated without updating VideoServer software. In addition it allowed formatting when displaying the text with comments insertion function (in addition to marking out with color specified words).

According to customer installed technology is an innovative and powerful security tool that will definitely improve level of security and productivity at YUKOS petrol station and will help to fight with crime and other unwanted inciden