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YUKOS petrol station in Orel employed Axxon Enterprise


YUKOS petrol station in Orel employed Axxon Enterprise

Yukos petrol station in Orel , Russia was equipped with a security system developed by Axxon (former ITV). Installation team of SVS-Proekt has installed INTELLECT security complex and POS-Intellect point-of-sales transaction video control system as a part of the project. Customer was looking for a system that would provide full coverage of business including video monitoring, audio control and control over cashier working place. Combining information transferred from cameras, microphones and POS-terminal at a singe server and remote control over the system from one operator desk was especially crucial for the customer.

Installation of security system was caused by several factors. First of all, petrol station administration needed an instrument that would allow remote video and audio control over personnel to observe level of servicing their clients without being physically present. Sometimes Quality control department get complaints from clients about unqualified or even rude servicing. To process justly such complains station management need to restore corresponding fragment from the archive.

As Alim Sizov, Director of SVS-Proekt, said implementation of such security system at petrol station will help first responders and empowered services to immediately react on emergency or crime situation taking place. It is not a secret that robbery, attacks on cashier and crime on the road is a common thing. To fight it petrol station needed video surveillance system with remote control. In addition, camera pointed at the station store entrance allows to see faces of people entering the building and identify or disclosure criminals.

With four cameras in place, two of those located near the cash register zone, petrol station management got sufficient coverage of the business. Video footage from cameras is transferred to the remote operator workplace located at Yukos Head office in Orel .

One of the key tasks of the project was integration of IBS cash registers installed at the petrol station with POS-Intellect complex. Because it was not possible to hook up the system via XML protocol, integration was done in ComPort break, which entailed transferring of cash receipt to video server as a text data. Unfortunately such integration do not allow realization of several useful system capabilities like revealing or prevention of manual and fictitious transaction or opening a cash register with out transaction.

This sample installation of Axxon (former ITV) security solutions by Yukos was highly valued by petrol station management. Customer said that safety and productivity at the station tends to greatly improve with the deployed system.