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SVS-Proekt installed Axxon (former ITV) security system at the Center Service group of supermarkets


SVS-Proekt installed Axxon (former ITV) security system at the Center Service group of supermarkets

SVS-Proekt has announced that two superstores of Center Service group located in Moscow and Viksa were equipped with an integrated security system developed by Axxon (former ITV) to provide video surveillance over trade floor and point-of-sales transactions video control.

The superstore located at Mitino (district of Moscow) was the first in the row. Success of the installation has triggered a plan to install similar system at new supermarket that was recently opened in Viksa city (Nizhegorodskaya area).

Mitino supermarket has an average sales area of about 2000 sqm. Ten cash registers “Shtrih –M” were integrated with POS-Intellect point-of-sale transaction video control module. SVS-Proekt installed 22 cameras in various locations around the store and 10 more near each cash register.

Alim Sizov, Director of SVS-Proekt, considers that installed cameras are not enough to provide full coverage of business located at such huge area. He is confident that to provide sufficient video surveillance here number of cameras should be two times more. Unfortunately customer had a limited budget allocated for creation security system.

Installed security system supports 2 audio channels which key task is to provide close control of staff, their activity and quality of service. One of the microphones positioned near the entrance to administrative office provides audio recording synchronized with video image. In addition customer needed to install hidden microphone in the manager's office to hear their purchasing talks.

Key distinctive feature of that project was absence of ceiling at the trade floor of the superstore. Building has high roof which gives no opportunity to attach camera holders. SVS-Proekt installers had to assemble special constructions to attach all necessary equipment that of course entailed additional costs for the project. Video7 digital video surveillance system and POS-Intellect cash register transactions video control were deployed for the task.

Center Service management group was impressed with the performance of Axxon (former ITV) security complex installed in Moscow superstore and mentioned reduction of profit losses caused by fraudulent activity from employer's and customer's side. This success convinced management of Center Service group to install similar security system at one more superstore of the chain located in Viksa.

16 high resolution cameras were installed across the trade floor, near cash register zone and entrances provide full coverage of the store activity. Store is equipped with 5 cash registers integrated with POS-Intellect software. With help of Shtrih-M (cash register manufacturer) there was done additional splicing with cash registers software in order to realize additional functions of the cash register control system and broadening the list of executable queries. Operation via XML protocol instead of TCP-IP and opening money box of cash register without transaction performed module were the new features of the integration.

Customer gave favourable reports about the implemented solution. With the deployed security and cash transaction video control system management got effective managerial and security tool that provide centralized control of the stores. In addition customer was pleased with level of works provided by SVS-Proekt and promptly completed works.