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Production plant of Novosibirsk deploys Axxon (former ITV) security solutions


Production plant of Novosibirsk deploys Axxon (former ITV) security solutions

Recently a production plant Sibgidromehstroy located in Novosibirsk , Russia was equipped with an integrated Video7 system by Axxon (former ITV). The project was carried out by the installation team of Axxon (former ITV) partner Grumant of Novosibirsk.

Sibgidromehstroy plant specializes in hydromechanical earthworks that is associated with building navigation facilities, irrigation canals, pond purification and shoreline restoration, mines reclamation, etc. Production plant of the Sibgidromehstroy occupies huge territories with located warehouses, access railroad, servicing facilities for making repair works on specialized large-sized machinery. Management group of the plant wanted to install a video surveillance system that would enable them to keep closer control of the operation process. They needed an instrument that would allow them to watch over employee's work and its efficiency and quality, archive retrieval for identification entering and leaving plant territories, detect unauthorized intrusion and movements at the territories during night hours. Video7 system, by Axxon (former ITV), with remote monitoring features was recommended for the task.

Grutman specialists have installed 6 stationary cameras in manufacturing workshops and across the plant territories with frame rate of each camera 8 fps. In addition Dynacolor D7722 high speed dome camera was installed at the strategic point to provide complete coverage of the territory. For the control Pelco-D protocol with USB<->RS485 converter is used. Dome and one of the stationary cameras are located not far away from server (35 – 40 meters ) an were connected via coaxial cable. Due to the huge territories occupies by the object other cameras are distanced for upto 350 meters from the server. Due to the presence of various noise sources at the object, such as signal cables, hoisting cranes, etc, Grumant installation specialist used specialized cables with line-balance converters. That allowed to eliminate influence of low-frequency noise thus improving quality of the transmitted video, and protected expensive equipment from static electricity that accumulates by the extensive lines.

Video footage from surveillance cameras is transferred to operator guarding the plant. From the remote workplace located 200 meters away from the plant operator can watch closely real-time situation at the production plant, retrieve archived data to resolve controversial situations. Video archive is stored for 2 weeks period.

Thus customer received compact and efficient video surveillance system at a reasonable price. With the deployed security system that covers huge territories of the production plant Sibgidromehstroy is armed with a new universal tool that promotes both safety and productivity. If required, customer can expand the system and upgrade modules by incorporating new features into installed system.

Implemented system has been running at the object for two months already. According the management group installed system boosted safety at the plant and improved productivity.