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"Intelligent" Hostels


"Intelligent" Hostels

Service Group, long term Axxon (former ITV) partner in Moscow , has completed installation of INTELECT security complex at the hostels of the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (Communication Means).

Installed surveillance and security system covered 5 separate buildings from 6 up to 22 stories. At the early stages of the project some of the hostels building were equipped with Video 7 digital video surveillance system. But further system expansion has led to switch to Axxon Enterprise platform that was also caused by customer request to integrate fire alarm and access control systems and notification module to the single security complex.

At present one of the hostels is equipped with Video 7 system for 16 channels, all others with the Axxon Enterprise security complex with opportunity to link up to "Intelligent" Hostels 48 cameras.

Video surveillance was a problem of significant actuality for the University hostels administration, as complex accommodates foreign and nonresident students whose property and personality attract much negative attention. Video cameras pointed at halls, corridors, across the perimeter of the complex steam video surveillance to remote security workplaces thus providing safety of the students staying at the hostel. With the implemented system Administration of the University hostel get a universal tool that help resolve current security issues, immediately react to emergency or other extraordinary situations, investigate incidents. In addition they control operation of the security service and adequacy of their actions.

"Intelligent" HostelsExperienced team of Axxon (former ITV) Tech support service assisted integrator with all problems and technical question occurred during the installation that provided success to installation as a whole.

According to customer both Axxon Enterprise and Video 7 systems deployed at the hostels are easy to use and manage.

Correspondingly to required security tasks there was installed from 1 to 5 remote workplaces at each hostel; security personnel, superintendent, director of the Hostel has access to live video and archived data.

Success of the installation has already triggered a plan to expand the system and integrate it with fire alarm and access control modules integrated with Axxon Enterprise that customer plans to install in the nearest future.