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Diplomats can sleep quietly now


Diplomats can sleep quietly now

Axxon Enterprise security system was deployed to ensure security at Russian Embassy in Cuba, security of government property, Embassy employees and their property. With system in place there were successfully taken preventive emergency measures, control over security officer's actions and monitoring of employee's work.

Service Group, a security systems integrator based in Moscow , provides video surveillance and access control services for any type of objects for more than 2 years. Company has completed about 50 installations using the Axxon (former ITV) solutions.

Such government order is of special importance. Providing security at diplomatic corps is a matter of government importance. Installation and starting-up works were performed by technical specialists of Service Group who have traveled to Habana to provide high efficiency of the installed system. Due to security reasons direct installation was performed by technical specialist of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Of course installation of the system needs special skills. Therefore technical specialists of Ministry of Foreign Affairs graduated courses on Service Group base in Moscow . All questions on configuring specific interfaces that arose in term of installation were quickly resolved by Axxon (former ITV) Tech support service.

Security system of Cuba Embassy was created on Axxon Enterprise complex (32 channels) basis with the opportunity to control speed dome pan-tilt-zoom cameras (Panasonic WV-CW860) installed across the location. Video surveillance system includes 32 surveillance cameras installed across the corps, along the perimeter, at building entrances, corridors and halls.

At the security post there was organized remote workplace for monitoring and control. Having specific access rules operators can watch archived video footage, carry out video surveillance, control pan-tilt-zoom cameras and use a whole scope of advantages of the Axxon Enterprise complex.

Success of the installation has already triggered a plan to expand the system in future – increase of surveillance cameras, installation of additional servers, integration of access control module and infrared detectors across the perimeter.

Installation of the Axxon Enterprise integrated security complex at Russian Embassy in Cuba is a pilot project of the promising complex undertaking. It aims to joint security complexes of several Russian Embassies into a single security complex operating under the centralized remote monitoring and control center.

Officials of the Habana Embassy are satisfied with the installed system. Security department operators appreciate how easy it is to interact with the system.

Service Group installation team highly valued competence of Axxon (former ITV) technical personnel and promptness of tech support that helped to perform installation in time and at high quality level.