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Video7, seven feet under the keel and a favorable wind!


Video7, seven feet under the keel and a favorable wind!

Five of fishing trawlers of Vega research and production enterprise based in Murmansk were equipped with an integrated Video 7 system. The project was carried out by the installation team of UNIVERSAL, Axxon (former ITV) partner of Murmansk .

Prior to installation Vega boards were already equipped with video surveillance systems each of that included 10–13 cameras and several analogue monitors. Old systems only provided real-time monitoring of mechanism's operation and current situation on board, dragging the catching cordage, netting, etc. That functionality was enough 2 years ago, but for today it is not enough.

According to international code for protection of ships and port installations called to enhance the security of the entire maritime transport chain it was decided to equip trawlers with video recording systems to keep closer eye on shipping process. As far UNIVERSAL has already showed itself as competent and experienced integrator it was chosen to perform the installation.

VEGA research and production enterprise activity incorporates oceanic fishing, development and application of advanced fishing methods and fish processing, sea-fishing research expeditions carried out in the North basin. Company owns 5 fishery boards: 2 trawler boats (Nerei and Perseus -4), two long-line fishing boats (Vega and Gemma) and transport refrigerator (Zodiac).

A requirement for video monitoring complexes was to provide at each boat increased surveillance and storage of video that would allow to store images of each person entering or leaving the board, monitoring over unloading processes at both Russian and foreign sea ports.

Having compared several security systems recommended for the task, Video7 by Axxon (former ITV) was chosen to bring the security up to date. Customer noted that following characteristics played a vital role in selecting Video7: ease-of-use, built-in flexibility and opportunity of further system expansion. In addition, in case of successful installation Vega planned to widen the system to necessary number of channels.

Obligatory requirement to the surveillance system was the opportunity of 2-day continuous video recording (approximate unloading period) and operation in video detection mode for the berthing periods at ports.

Extremely short time of board's staying at port for doing jobbing works has made installation works even harder. Installation team had to define requirements specification, choose appropriate cameras and points for installation, calculate lens focal length, perform installation and cabling works and carry out training of the crew in 3 days. In those harsh conditions team of Mars, specialized electrical assembly company, has supported with instant help in installation works.

Each of 5 boards was equipped with video surveillance system. Camera strategically pointed at the captain's bridge covers ship's ladder area, hold hatch, part of pier or berth to provide control over unloading process. Ship radio operator is now in charge of system management. Information provided by cameras is monitored by watch operator; in addition captain, executive officer and radio operator have access to surveillance and stored data. Archiving feature provides a 7-day high speed recording in continuous mode.

By implementing Video7 by Axxon (former ITV) customer got the opportunity of instant access to real-time video and archived data, 2-day of continuous video recordings of unloading process. After 2–4 months of testing the system customer will give a report on system operation and efficiency. Currently, crew working with the system especially noted such Video7 benefits as intuitive system management, easy configuration and easy-to-use video search engine.