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SmartVideo helps fight crime


SmartVideo helps fight crime

SmartVideo digital video surveillance system helped to find criminals who stole documents belonging to one of the visitors of Trinity computer club in Kemerovo. Installation of the system was carried out by Gradlan, partner of Axxon (former ITV).

Trinity computer club is a popular place for teenagers gathering. Club often holds computer games championships that attract great attention of fans, experienced and novice gamers. Round-the-clock operation schedule and groups of teenagers gathering here strongly demanded strengthening the security measures. SmartVideo was selected for the task.

Club management wanted to install video surveillance system that would ensure both safety of client's and club property. Installed system provides around-the-clock surveillance over computer hall, café, office facilities and entrance to the building. In addition, club management wanted to get an instrument that would allow to see faces of every client entering the club.

The decision about SmartVideo came off the system's ease of use, affordable price and opportunity of further expansion of system functionality. Installed security system is built on the basis of SmartVideo II, 8 channel version, and two FS1 video input boards. Currently security system incorporates 5 black-an-white standard resolution cameras and one high resolution camera.

Installation was carried out in the shortest time and did not require any technical support from the side of Axxon (former ITV). Still at affordable price SmartVideo is a high-tech solution remarkable for its reliable and stable operation.

“SmartVideo allows to control of employee activity thus improving the overall efficiency of their work”, says Ilona Kibko, director of Trinity computer club. “Since we have implemented it we got a universal instrument that allows video surveillance over the adjacent territories and inside facilities. Now we can exclude opportunity of coming unwanted guests that is especially important at night hours.” In addition, SmartVideo allow club owners remote video monitoring via the Internet using their home PC, GSM phone or palmtop that saves much time.