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Veteran garage complex strengths security solutions


Recently a huge “Veteran” garage complex located in Moscow was equipped with an integrated Axxon Enterprise security complex. The project was carried out by the installation team of Axxon (former ITV) partner Center ST (Videoglaz).

Customer was looking for the surveillance and security system that would join together fire and intrusion alarm, access control and timekeeping. Taking to account all customer requirements to the system integrator offered Axxon Enterprise by Axxon (former ITV) for the task. Due to Axxon Enterprise integrated architecture that enables integration with a diversity of security equipment produced by various manufacturers resolving this task was easy.

Prior to installation the garage complex had no video surveillance. Installed system will enable garage management to install a total of 80 cameras all around the complex. Currently 67 black-and-white high resolution cameras cover building internal facilities, traffic corridors, all entrances and adjacent territories. To control and manage the system there were organized 4 remote workplaces – two for remote monitoring and two for remote management.

Axxon Enterprise integrated complex fulfill all security tasks required by garage owners and security team. System covers completely entire perimeter and enable security guards to track people and vehicles movements inside the facility. According to security guards the core of CCTV system provides them with outstanding efficiency and ease of use. Having such a powerful system they can immediately indicate source of possible danger and prevent emergency. Security team has access to live and archived video from their desktops allowing them to keep an eye on what's happening inside and outside the complex.

Security team has graduated special training courses in order to get familiar with all system functions and capabilities. When they completed training they were pleased with the system intuitive instrumental that made their familiarization with the platform even easier. They also appreciated how easy it is to search for video you are looking for using the digital technology.

In the nearest future garage owners plan to expand the system to include fire and intrusion alarm, access control and timekeeping modules. Currently Axxon (former ITV) and Center ST specialist are debugging the system especially for the project.

Security team of the “Veteran” garage complex is happy with the choice about Axxon Enterprise. “It is easy to operate, user friendly and you shouldn't be a computer genius to manage it. In addition, our clients are protected better now.”