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SmartVideo protects honey production plant


SmartVideo protects honey production plant

Recently a honey production and processing plant located in Biysk (Russia) was equipped with SmartVideo digital video surveillance system. All installation works were performed by Axxon (former ITV) partner Editus Ltd.

This honey production plant located in Biysk occupies more than 2,300 sqm. and has 30 people of staff. Customer wanted to get a system that would allow to monitor current situation at the plant (outside and inside the workshops) and its perimeter, control production process and staff activity directly from chief manager office. 8 channel SmartVideo version was selected for the task due to its ease-of-use, stable operation and its price moderateness.

Installation works were carried out in the shortest time due to system easy configuring and high level of Editus team qualification. Aside from monitoring the plant perimeter and entrance, the system record video from honey production and processing workshops. Video evidence is provided by 6 black-and-white cameras installed at the strategic locations across the plant. Cameras provide 420 TV lines resolution and carry on video surveillance on round-the-clock basis.

V. Stutc, plant owner, says that SmartVideo gave him an opportunity of complete control over the situation at the plant: he can trace transport moving in, get prompt information upon unsanctioned access to the territories, control security team activity and plant personnel. He likes that system enabled him to investigate incidents and take fair judgment. SmartVideo protects honey production plant "Digital technology allows simple search in video archive by only entering date, time or camera number," he says. "In addition, it will keep people working here honest."

Plant owners and staff are thankful to installation team of Editus for the performed work and will be happy to expand security system in future. They are also pleased with the performance and reliability of SmartVideo digital video surveillance system.