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State Agrarian University of St. Petersburg improves security


State Agrarian University of St. Petersburg improves security

State Agrarian University of St. Petersburg located in Pushkin (town near St. Petersburg ) carries on with partial installation of security system. Security system here, built on the Axxon Enterprise basis, will incorporate all security subsystems. All installation works are performed by Axxon (former ITV) partner Ultra-Service, of St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg Agrarian University is one of the Russian oldest, largest and most scientifically significant institutions that offers highest degree of teacher-student interaction. In total, there are 8,000 students studying at and some 300 post-graduates continuing their educating on 20 master's level programs. About 500 teachers of which 20 are Doctors of Science or Professors and around 50% Candidates of Science, maintain a high degree of scientific and pedagogical quality.

In recent years there have started some newest programs and opened new faculties that made University a multifield institution. However, having the powerful research base and instant scientific search, University places its focus on preparation of highly qualified experts in agricultural field.

University administration places their focus on improving the student's learning environment and carry on promoting security. Naturally, installation rates depend directly on financial contributions of University. At the first stage there was installed security system built on Video7 basis and cameras installed near the entrances to Main and Economy Corpuses and car parking lot. It uses single video server and has one operator workplace located at the access control office and one remote workplace. System provides 6-8 fps frame rate and 30 days archiving period.

Besides video surveillance system University buildings are equipped with comprehensive access control system based on PERCo access control solutions. The system database currently supports 32,000 faces. There were installed 12 tripod turnstiles - 8 at Main Corpus and 4 at Economy Corpus. State Agrarian University of St. Petersburg improves securityAccess control system was integrated with working time calculation system that enable University administration to control student's attendance and check employee's working schedules.

All elements of security system are supported with constant power supply. Event's monitoring and elements management is carried on via virtual graphical layouts.

University administration already has a plan to expand Video7 capabilities to bring it up to the level of Axxon Enterprise security complex. After comprehensive modernization system will incorporate professional video control, access control, timekeeping and fire and intrusion alarm.

The University administration praises installed system. University security team noted that system has dramatically improved their ability to protect students and University personnel and made their work more efficient and easier.