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Enhancing the security at University


Enhancing the security at UniversityInstallation team of Ultra-Service, Axxon (former ITV) partner of St. Petersburg, has upgraded an old analog security system that no longer provided sufficient security at North-West State Technical University to digital technology.

University was founded in 1930 as North-West Polytechnic University. Since then more than 73,000 students has graduated the university. Among university graduates are Chief and Senior level managers at largest manufacturing enterprises, organizations and government institutions located at North-Western region of Russian Federation.

University administration places huge emphasis on improving student's and teacher's security, keeping the peace of learning environment, and helping first responders in emergencies. University administration and security team was facing a problem of an outdated analog CCTV system that did not provided ample image quality and coverage. Taking to account budget fixed for new equipment and installation works Video7 system was recommended for the task. In addition CCTV camera locations were expanded.

Currently video surveillance covers main entrance to the university building, entry to the inside territory and entire building perimeter. University administration already has a plan to expand the security system to include Access Control and Fire and Intrusion Alarm systems. This reconstruction will lead to improving current security platform to Axxon Enterprise.

University direction was highly pleased and satisfied with the quality of the new system and the powerful features it offers. They have especially noted system ease-of use, flexibility and improved image quality and compression that allow to save more video for long periods of time. Security offices shared that digital technology makes it easier to search for incident by only entering date and time to the system.

Besides, North-West State Technical University has many branches that provides integrator huge opportunities of creation complex security system on Axxon Enterprise basis that will join together all subdivisions of the University.