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Planet of Bowling club adds security


Planet of Bowling club adds securityOne more club of Planet of Bowling chain was equipped with Intellect security complex. This bowling center located in Krasnogorsk (town near Moscow) will enter the distributed security system joining other clubs of the chain across the country. Having already partnered Center-ST for security technologies for previous installations, Planet of Bowling owners continued that partnership with the latest installation.

It was essential for the customer to get the system that would provide sufficient video control over point-of-sales transactions, visual control over situation at the bowling center, safety of visitors and staff, and video control over employee's activity. Such complex task for security needed a complex solution, or rather implementing the Intellect integrated security system. To provide POS monitoring and control integrator implemented POS-Intellect and R-Keeper cash system.

POS-Intellect is unique software that provides high level of video image quality, reliability, scalability and flexibility used for loss prevention issues. By linking the video image from the POS terminal zone with sales receipt data system enables business owners to prevent fraudulent activity from the side of cashier and assist them in investigating potentially fraudulent transactions. The software can be customized to meet all specific needs allowing retailer to set necessary queries according their needs.

R-Keeper cash system carries out registration of the received money and provides documental accompaniment of each POS transaction at all levels. Using up-to-date identification and personnel power separation instrumental software provides protection against the unsanctioned access to the cash system. R-Keeper realizes statistical reports on sales, creates database that can be used for products calculations at production or salary accounting.

Security system installed at Krasnogorsk bowling club includes 16 surveillance cameras (15 black-and-white and 1 color) located so that to provide full coverage of the business. Installed system allows capture rate of 8 frames per second (fps) per camera.

Now, 13 cameras installed inside the location provide visual control over activity inside, and 3 more cameras ensure close control over point-of-sales transactions. System transfers video evidence to remote security operators who carry on day and night control over the situation in the club.

Center-ST specialists carried out efficient and comprehensive training program to familiarize security staff of Planet of Bowling club on Intellect security complex. Upon graduating those training courses security operators were pleased with Intellect vast capabilities for video surveillance and remote control needs still at easy-to understand level. They noted that system is user friendly and easy to operate – even for someone who is now computer literate.