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Axxon Enterprise manages the fire fighting system


Zashita-Video-Service, a security systems integrator and Axxon (former ITV) partner of Republic of Byelorussia, has applied Axxon (former ITV) solutions in specialized firefighting equipment aimed to be used in places of mass gathering of the people. This idea belongs to specialists of Zashita-Video-Service company.

Fire prevention at huge objects assigned for holding mass events needs special approach. Often sporting, concert and other events are accompanied with rather dangerous use of sources of open fire (cigarette lighters, candles, pyrotechnics, etc.). Thus automatic fire alarm and fighting sensors can't be used here, as they react on fire infrared radiation and immediately start to fight the flame. That generates a need of manual operation of the fire prevention system, when operator of the fire fighting system manages fire extinguishing robotics.

Exactly that kind of approach to the problem was used by Zashita-Video-Service developers in their fire prevention robotic technique that is based on Efer production. Camera is detached to the carriage tube of the robot to provide visual control over the situation. Video image is transferred to the operator of the system who manages the entire system in manual mode.

System can be operated in both manual and automatic modes. When working automatically sensor detects any kind of flame and transfers information to the processor that can switch on water supply system. In manual mode situation is visually controlled by operator who takes a decision about switching on the fire fighting system. Such remote operator workplace is located not far away from public. When mass event is over, system can be switched to automatic mode.

Trial use of the system was carried out in Gomel : 8 fire robots with cameras installed on each were positioned around the sports ground. All cameras were connected to Axxon Enterprise system. In addition 6 pan tilt speed dome cameras were positioned in the center of the testing ground to stream video to 2 remote operator workplaces (one located near the testing ground, second in the nearest emergency situation station).

According an action scheme, when the flames went up remote operator should switch on the water supply system. In the meantime operator of the emergency situation station monitor the situation in order to take corresponding actions to fight the fire – i.e. call for fire-extinguishing brigade.

Key distinctive advantages of the fire fighting complex are the following:

  • Pump station
  • Efer fire prevention robotic technique
  • Axxon Enterprise integrated security system.

Currently system is under certification in Byelorussia and soon will be put into the operation.