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Modern luxury dwelling was equipped with Axxon Enterprise


Modern luxury dwelling was equipped with Axxon Enterprise

Ultra-Service, Axxon (former ITV) partner and CCTV systems integrator, has carried out installation on equipping one of the luxurious dwellings located on Krestovskiy Island, Saint-Petersburg with security and video surveillance system. Installed security system was built on Axxon Enterprise basis.

Safe City and Safe House topics have become more and more popular recently. Such projects are successfully performed in many cities worldwide. Russian Federation is not an exception – security solutions are applied in a variety of ways to meet the security needs in cities and private houses. Anyway, security is becoming critical for citywide infrastructure. Ultra-Service Ltd. provides its customers with multidimensional solution for resolving security, access control, and intrusion detection tasks.

One of the latest Ultra-Service installations was developing the complex security solution at a brand new luxury building located on Krestovskiy Island of Saint-Petersburg. Customer was looking for a solution that can provide not only video surveillance and intruder alarm, but also complex automated security and life-support system.

Installed system is based on 2 video servers with installed Axxon Enterprise software and hardware complex. One of the servers was located at security team control center, another at owner cabinet. System was adjusted so that to provide security team with necessary video evidence and data only for their security needs.

Within the project Ultra-Service team installed 15 cameras in various strategic locations inside and outside the building. 7 of them covering entrance, main and back door, perimeter and life-support centers send images to security operator. Owner of the house has unlimited access to system controls and configuration, live and archived video, alarm and technological alerts. In addition, using broadband connection owner can manage the system and view CCTV images from remote computer or GSM phone.

Installation team of Ultra-Service Ltd. has already installed security and life-support systems in private and country houses and cottages. Major of that projects were carried out with implementation Axxon (former ITV) security solutions: from SoHo type SmartVideo digital video surveillance system up to Axxon Enterprise integrated security complex using the car license plates recognition modules and integration with various fire and intrusion alarm and access control systems. Exploitation and maintenance of the installed systems has once again proven high level of reliability and efficiency of Axxon (former ITV) security solutions.