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Axxon (former ITV) digital security solutions help Univer-City superstore improve security and customer service


Axxon (former ITV) digital security solutions help Univer-City superstore improve security and customer service

Digital Security Systems, Axxon (former ITV) (Axxon (former ITV) Group in Russia) partner in Nalchik and security system integrator, has carried out a huge installation at Univer-City superstore located in Nalchik, capital of Kabardino-Balkaria Republic. A total of 82 surveillance cameras, 3 video servers and two remote workplaces were installed within the project.

Univer-City is a large shopping center with 2,000 sq m of space located in 3-story building. After the close studying of security software market customer has chosen Axxon Enterprise integrated security complex and SmartVideo digital video surveillance system by Axxon (former ITV) (Axxon (former ITV) in Russia).

Evaluating the project Digital Security Systems team aimed to satisfy completely every customer requirement to security system. Client wanted to cover with video surveillance entire building perimeter, car parking lot, trade floor, corridors, aisles, cafes and warehouse facilities. In addition they wanted to link security system with POS (point-of-sale) reporting system in order to tie video evidence to transactional data.

Remote operator workplaceTo realize the project Digital Security Systems team installed Axxon Enterprise software and hardware complex that allows 4 fps per camera frame rate and linked it with 48 surveillance cameras. In addition, one more Axxon Enterprise complex connected with 24 cameras and providing 8 fps per camera frame rate was installed to provide control over zones requiring special attention. Video surveillance at warehouse facilities was performed implementing the SmartVideo II system that incorporated 8 more cameras. At 1 st and 2 nd floor integrator has installed black-and-white and color cameras with varizoom lenses. At warehouse facilities cameras are hidden in motion detector casings. Similarly, corridor cameras are placed in smoke detector casings.

All surveillance cameras were linked with two Axxon Enterprise video servers which are located at security department facilities together with uninterruptible power supply devices and active network equipment. One more separate video server with installed SmartVideo II system and 8 cameras linked was placed at warehouse. Univer-City security system

Video control over the situation at the shopping centre is carried out via two remote workplaces located at security department office and store owner cabinet.

In the course of installation customer requirements to the system functionality changed several times, but due to the Axxon Enterprise flexibility it did not presented great difficulties.

According the client reference installed security system provides enhanced video quality and high efficiency and exceed all their expectations.