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Video7 joins nations


Video7 joins nations

Recently a Joint Russian-Finnish Karelia-Metal plant working at the regional non-ferrous metals market was equipped with an integrated Video7 system. The project was carried out by the installation team of Axxon (former ITV) (Axxon (former ITV) in Russia) partner Nezavisimost of Petrozavodsk. This installation allowed Finland part to get a closer view of the plant.

At present major part of external economic links of Russian North-West region is carried via Finland borders. And projects when integrators join security systems located in different countries have become a common thing. This installation is one of the examples illustrating such international projects.

Head office of the Karelia-Metal plant is located in Espo, Finland , with its administrative buildings, warehouses, esplanades, industrial and auxiliary process workshops located in coterminous Karelia territories at approximately 3,000 square meters.

Prior to installation, the plant had local analog CCTV system that included quad splitter and video recorder. But, since the time previous system was installed technology have made a huge step ahead. That outdated analog system no longer provided sufficient coverage or image quality, did not meet needs of security, and was not efficient and convenient to use. That persuaded security management to move to change platforms to digital technology. The Video7 video surveillance solution eliminated all shortcomings of the analog CCTV, provided remote monitoring that enabled administration to keep closer watch on key technological stages at the plant, movements of technique and personnel, and safety of stocks of materials and capital equipment.

According to customer requirements, there were set several working places with various access control rules. Such work places were set at the central security office, technological weighing office, Technical Director and Plant General Director offices. One of the distinctive features of the project is the opportunity of video surveillance and reviewing of video archive from remote workplace located at Finland Head Office.

"We were pleased and happy with the installed system features," - said Alexander Dubrovin, Technical Director of Karelia-Metal. "We are proud to use one of the cutting-edge technologies of security market at our plant. Installed software has no comparison with the previous analog system and fulfills all our ideas about security that we assumed to be unachievable and extremely expensive. Now we have got superior image quality and got rid of the enormous number of tapes."

Nezavisimost is a well-known system integrator at the security market that have vast experience in design and installation of CCTV systems for diverse customers such as huge industrial and administrative objects, state institutions, large and middle scale business. The company delivers cutting-edge world and domestic technologies and equipment to provide high quality of installations.