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SmartVideo brings security to luxury mansions


SmartVideo brings security to luxury mansions

Recently a cottage located in Nickolina Gora, elite village near Moscow, was equipped with SmartVideo video surveillance system. The site is situated outside the Moscow on Rublevka, an ultra-exclusive avenue in Moscow 's western suburbs where many of Russia 's political and business elite live out their privileged existences in luxury mansions, surrounded by heavily guarded walls. The installation was performed by Center-ST a long time Axxon (former ITV) (Axxon (former ITV) in Russia) partner and integrator of security solutions.

In the recent times, video surveillance issues attract special attention of both all-scaled commercial and government institutions and individuals. In this way, a businessman alarmed with frequent burglaries in the neighborhood applied Center-ST with request to install security system in his cottage. Due to his occupation he is often away on business trips, thus question of security is of a top priority for him.

After a thorough survey of security systems appropriate for his needs, SmartVideo by Axxon (former ITV) was chosen for the project. SmartVideo is a simple though still a user-friendly and highly reliable solution for video surveillance and security applications for SoHo (Small office/Home office) sector at a reasonable price. It introduces optimal balance between price and quality thus providing user advanced technology security solution.

Now, when security equipment is installed, customer is confident in safety of his property. Installed cameras make any authorized or unauthorized visitor to understand that he or she is under the close watch.

"The mere view of camera installed makes burglars to go away", - customers said. "And linking cameras with SmartVideo system doesn't leave them any chance of success."

This particular choice of SmartVideo system was not done accidentally. The key important characteristic that played especially important role was the opportunity of using standard home PC Windows embedded as a video server. The matter is that installation of business class security solutions cost too much for private individuals. SmartVideo brings security to luxury mansionsWhile SmartVideo doesn't represent such problem; in addition, managing the system doesn't require any additional skills and easy to operate even for someone who is not compute literate, still meeting specific customer needs.

Within the project there were installed 14 high resolution black-and-white surveillance cameras linked with SmartVideo IV modification designed for 16 cameras. Eight cameras were pointed outside the building to provide complete coverage of perimeter and adjacent territories. One camera was installed near the doorway, and remaining 5 inside the cottage. With the cameras installed customer got complete view over situation inside and outside the building and control of visitor's activity. One of the benefits provided by the system is control over servant's work and opportunity to resolve controversial situations to determine who was responsible. There is one more benefit that surveillance video can be accessed remotely via the Internet using notebook or pocket PC from any spot on the Globe.