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Car parking enhances security


Car parking enhances security

Installation team of Center-ST, Axxon (former ITV) long term partner and security system integrator, has performed installation on equipping public parking lot with SmartVideo video surveillance solution.

Customer needed a video surveillance system that would provide complete coverage of the car parking and possibility of remote access to video via the Internet, and all this at the lowest capital investments. SmartVideo II by Axxon (former ITV) was recommended for the task as this particular solution most meet customer requirements to security.

While representing modest requirements to resources system has huge potential thus guaranteeing to meet all special requirements to the security. SmartVideo has a built-in motion detector, opportunity of simultaneous recording of video from all cameras and displaying same data on monitor, powerful archival search instrumental, as well as viewing of live and recorded video, from any licensed PC on the network. System allows exporting of images and video in any format for further investigational work.

Within the project Center-ST installed 6 black-and-white cameras in thermo housing and set single remote work place. Cameras were installed so that to provide complete coverage of the parking lot perimeter, entry and exit. System operates on round-the-clock basis and allows administration day and night video surveillance over facility. Having tested system remote features owner of the parking lot was happy and impressed with the networking opportunities it provides. Security team has graduated special training courses on system management.

This particular installation once again has proven that SmartVideo is really efficient video surveillance solutions still easy to operate for levels of users.