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Matrix DVR strengthens Axxon Enterprise intelligent security system at Murmansk airport


Matrix DVR strengthens Axxon Enterprise intelligent security system at Murmansk airport

Universal Hi-Tech Center, a partner company of Axxon (former ITV) (Axxon (former ITV) on national market) has expanded the security system of Murmansk airport passenger terminal. This is a continuation of a cooperative project started in 2004.

Two years ago a Murmansk-based company Universal HTC had renewed a security system at local airport; the Axxon (former ITV) produced Axxon Enterprise intelligent security system had been chosen for the passenger terminal. A modern digital equipment based Axxon Enterprise system proved to become a very effective solution to push away the outdated PTU-74 analog CCTV system. At that time also a brand new high speed PTZ camera had been mounted.

To increase efficiency of terrorist attack prevention measures, the airport authorities took a decision to expand video surveillance capabilities of the system deployed towards baggage accumulation and transportation areas.

The aims list of the new project as defined by the customer was: to obtain airport hall high quality color image for real time monitoring and recording; to control check-in areas; to monitor baggage accumulation and transportation areas all the way to aircraft loading; to control baggage unloading zone on arrival.

The airport administration requested a solution that should be capable to provide stable image transfer from video server to remote workplaces at the Aircraft Security Service (ASS), the Transportation Department Service (TDS) and the local police post.

Persons in charge of security must have an ability to perform both real time control actions and to view and analyze events recorded and stored on archive footage. In general, the installer had to develop a flexible and expandable system. Considering both positive experience of existing Axxon Enterprise smart security system and specific hardware reliability requirements, a Matrix DVR has been chosen to concentrate all video streams delivered from video servers via LAN. An appreciated test drive for the whole project to evaluate Axxon Enterprise system flexibility was the performing a comprehensive events recording of the Yantar screening complex control area.

At present moment, the actually deployed system portion consists of two video servers and three remote workplaces. First video server based on Matrix DVR receives video signal from one PTZ camera observing the gate area, four analog cameras and four Axis servers.

Еach Axis server is connected to four analog cameras. The second video server integrates streams from 11 analog CCTV cameras.

As installer company representative says, due to Axxon (former ITV) technical support staff accurate and truly expert operation there were no problems to integrate Axis servers into system structure and to setup PTZ equipment to be effectively controlled. Due to successful cooperation of installer company and customer's technical staff it took only one and a half month to complete the job of DVR system expansion up to 32-channel operation. The whole job also included VDSL data transfer equipment testing and PTZ control check from all video servers and remote workplaces.

Murmansk airport authorities drew attention to high expertise of Universal HTC specialists during all stages of the project including planning, pre-installation tests and assembling the system. And the intuitive Axxon Enterprise software interface luckily shortened the training period of operator corps down to a small instructing session.

Further system development is now discussed; next particular step would be probably two more PTZ cameras (in gate area and local flights arrival zone) for events monitoring, and three fixed cameras to be installed in auxiliary machinery hangar.