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Video7 ensures safety at AGRANA Fruit Preparation plant


Video7 ensures safety at AGRANA Fruit Preparation plant

Axxon (former ITV) long time partner, Engineering Physics Institute interregional public enterprise, has carried out one more installation of an integrated Video7 digital video surveillance system at AGRANA Fruit Preparations plant located in Serpukhov(town near Moscow). It is the only proprietary plant of Austrian company Agrana Group to the south of Moscow that started its operation in summer of 2005.

Plant authorities were looking for a solution capable of both real time monitoring and restoring and analyzing archived video footage being accessed via LAN to get a complete control over production, warehouse and office location facilities.

To fulfill the customer's task list, the installer company has chosen Video7 digital video surveillance system by Axxon (former ITV). This project will comprise 16 color CCTV cameras in total.

Surveillance cameras strategically pointed at production facilities are intended to control personnel activity. Visual access to the production process enabled plant management to boost safety at the facility and minimize human caused technological risks. Cameras installed at office, warehouse and access gate locations are destined rather for preventive purposes.