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Installation at South San Francisco Conference Center


Installation at South San Francisco Conference Center

In August 2006, Applied Video Solutions, Inc., Axxon (former ITV) long-term partner of San Francisco, completed the installation of a comprehensive security and surveillance system on the Axxon Enterprise security platform basis at the award-winning South San Francisco Conference Center. Located in the heart of Bay Area biotech region, the conference center is ideal for conferences, corporate meetings, special events and receptions of all sizes — from small meetings to large conventions.

With hundreds of events every year and thousands of people attending every month, the need for security couldn't be greater. The convention center needed an adequate surveillance system that would work together with the security guard on duty 24-hours a day. Applied Video Solutions, Inc. designed a complete solution from scratch as there were no existing surveillance cameras installed onsite. Prior to the installation the plans had to be reviewed by the South San Francisco Police Department and have passed the system design and equipment requirements. Axxon Enterprise security system by Axxon (former ITV) was chosen for the application due to the need for scalability, flexibility and a large number of cameras to be viewed and recorded simultaneously.

A total of 24 cameras were installed in the interior and exterior areas of the conference center. High-resolution cameras were positioned in high traffic areas, hallways, entrances, back doors and parking lots. Four sophisticated speed dome cameras were installed around the perimeter of the building to continuously monitor the surrounding areas and high-risk targets. All speed dome programming and navigational controls are easily accessible through Axxon Enterprise making these cameras an effective tool in the hands of a security professional. Axxon Enterprise also enables authorized people at the convention center to access the system remotely from their computer workstations. Each individual user may instantly retrieve visual information they need to make a decision about an occurrence.

Upon completion of the installation, the users of the new system have immediately started to benefit from the information obtained with the Axxon Enterprise system. The system's user friendliness made it easy to operate and train new security guards. In the near future the system is likely to be expanded even further.