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Video7: protecting children


Video7: protecting children

A school newly opened in the town of Gatchina (Leningrad district) has been equipped with Video7 video surveillance system from Axxon (former ITV). The installation has been carried out by Alpha I.S., Ltd company specialists.

A brand new integrated educational facility being built upon an original innovative project has no analogs in the whole North-West region in technical, comfort and safety aspects. The Governmental Commission officers drew attention to a very high level of construction quality for this object. It was noted that the new school in Gatchina is the first of a kind to incorporate full security contour including fire/burglary alarm management and video surveillance systems.

The school nominal capacity is six hundred pupils divided into 24 forms. A sport court, locations for recreation and off-class activity have been provided along with a cafeteria (200 seats), 288 square meters sports hall, rooms for aerobics and choreographic studies, several workshops, a library, computer equipped classrooms, a daycare room and others. The food preparation facility occupies a separate one-storey building. Auxiliary facilities include heating center, water collector, switchboard room and household facility.

The video surveillance system project tasks set by school authorities were following:

  • to provide an option of throughout schools grounds monitoring including sport court and recreation areas;
  • to provide video surveillance for a list of classrooms and auxiliary premises along with corridors and circulation areas.

To fit the requirements, the Alpha I.S., Ltd company specialists carried out the following solutions:

  1. 15 high sensitivity CCTV cameras in weatherproof housings had been installed along the perimeter of the school building to provide day-and-night surveillance.
  2. 8 indoor hemispherical dome cameras had been installed inside the main building.
  3. A system operator's workplace had been built in the security staff office room. A video server having 2 LCD monitors is based on a Pentium IV PC (3.4 GHz, 1 Gb RAM, 300 Gb HDD) and has video capture cards and Video7 software installed.
  4. To reduce both interference and cables length, all video signals from 14 CCTV cameras are delivered via 5th category UTP cable network using USD-N video transmitters.

The Video7 based solution described above provided the initial task fulfillment establishing 24/7 video surveillance coverage of all grounds, entrances, sport court, corridors and halls inside the building. Both real time monitoring option and 7 days depth archive HDD recording provided for security officers.

School authorities and security officers appreciated the working system from effectiveness and ease of use points of view. Summarizing the system acceptance testing results, school Principal Svetlana Tretiakova, the Honored education worker of the RF, gave the installed system very high marks and highlighted the quality of the system implementation and strict contract discipline in following terms and conditions.

Alpha I.S., Ltd being a daughter company for Fantaon Group is a well known security and video surveillance systems installer company in the North-West region of Russian Federation. Alpha I.S. is an official Axxon (former ITV) partner since 2004 having great experience in Axxon (former ITV) products based systems installation. Alpha I.S. specialists consider Axxon (former ITV) products a reliable, convenient and future-oriented means to provide security solutions for all variety of possible applications, really the best of the branch. That's why the Video7 system had been chosen for Gatchina school installation – just following the traditional formula: "What is for children - must be the best".