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Moscow: another MIIT hostel becomes Axxon Enterpriseual


Moscow: another MIIT hostel becomes Axxon Enterpriseual

Within the frame of collaborative relationship with Moscow State University of Communication Means (MIIT), Service Group company equipped its Fifth Hostel with a security system based on Axxon Enterprise platform from Axxon (former ITV).

In a hostel, video surveillance is a tool of great importance since the situation here has to be constantly controlled in order to react on possible emergencies properly and in time. It plays also a key role in security service coordination in case of incidents. The Fifth Hostel is a standalone building having 13 storeys. The video surveillance system installed consists of 96 CCTV cameras controlled by two video servers and one remote workplace. Video monitoring is held on four hi-res monitors each displaying 24 cameras. For the moment, lobby, central hall, corridors and perimeter are covered by video monitoring. In the near future the video surveillance system will be integrated with alarm notification, fire alarm and access control systems.

Axxon Enterprise system is being applied for providing safety and security of the residents and their private property, hostel premises and assets; providing immediate and appropriate reaction by security and other staff. During the first week of operation, two theft cases have been disclosed, and several vandal acts prevented towards hostel assets. MIIT authorities expressed gratitude to Service Group company for its brilliant technical job done.

Previous installations for MIIT University conducted by Service Group company are Recreation Centre (16 CCTV cameras; Axxon (former ITV) Video7 platform based), First Hostel (32 CCTV cameras; Axxon (former ITV) Axxon Enterprise platform), Second Hostel (48 CCTV cameras; Axxon (former ITV) Axxon Enterprise platform). All installation projects are unique and have been developed by Service Group company according to actual needs of the customer and location specifics. Cameras distribution and video servers arrangement are tailored carefully to fit the end user needs and to save customer's finance in order to provide the highest possible security level.

In the nearest future, Service Group starts another installation in MIIT Fourth Hostel (hotel class), and then all existing systems have to be integrated into one controlled from a unified monitoring centre. Such a consolidation should lead to a significant increase of security service potential in fighting emergencies over the entire site.

Service Group being an official Axxon (former ITV) partner develops and installs integrated security systems for more than 3 years. A lot of experience collected providing sites of different scales with appropriate security solutions – from private houses to huge military sites. Over 50 recent installations deployed have been based on Axxon (former ITV) products. Customers list of Service Group company includes Moskva supermarket, Torgservis XXI Vek, Ltd company, KADUS, Fashion Studio and Saharniy Lev store chains, Vostok hotel, Moscow Book Centre, OSTROV housing cooperative, Argo company, Medexpress company, ltd, United Multimedia Projects, Ltd company, Mednaya Folga and Stalprokat production plants, Naftal gas stations chain, Sofya and GlobalCity trade centers, Farmmir drugstore chain, supermarket chain in Yegorievsk and many others.